Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

Make aware of natural, quality & native foods. People are ready to offer a better costing for their foods. But, they had failed in identifying the right food for a healthy life. Our vision to aware them to pick the right food and it's goodness. Once people get aware, farmers get ready to move in with our traditional valuable native foods. The problem, the market for traditional/native food is very low. Everyone wants to move with fast foods and junk foods. It's really unhealthy one, we are paying more money for non-value foods and then paying for health insurance. It's too bad, the literate and illiterate both doing the same thing with buying food products & groceries. We are making awareness to our people with Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, WhatsApp about natural & traditional foods.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is something big & more valuable. We know, our plant is getting struggle to getting rains & pure water. There is some controversy about it, the 3rd world war may start for water sharing. Yep, there are so many products with the state to state, country to country for water sharing. Where we are going?? no idea. No one has an idea about it, what happened in these days? Why rainfall gets down?? no one ready to answer it. No one has a time for it to research or answer or listen. But, we have our current agriculture plat system is 100% only suits for mass production no about good, valuable and healthy products. Maximum people, we know about it. But, no one has time to think and question about it. We are taking responsibility for it. Our mission turns our country into the organic/natural agricultural plantation, produce health traditional foods, consume less water for farming, save our people from health issues and say bye, bye to hospitals & diseases.

Our Team:

We had prepared our team with various age group & gender people. We have both young people from 25 years & elder 55+, the team with more active & more experienced persons. Our team is filled with few ladies, who had more interested in natural traditional foods & agricultural.

We had tied up with a few farmer producer companies, to make knowledge share, gain together & change the world.